“One Unit Monitors Your Entire Property “

Our secondary electricity monitoring system is a revolutionary product designed to give home owners & landlords peace of mind when guests/tenants use a property. The system monitors energy consumption and shows guests exactly how much they are using, helping to keep costs to a minimum and protecting you from high energy bills.

The System can be installed to monitor the whole house electricity supply or just the air conditioning supply (as this is one of the most expensive appliance to run, and tends to be the most misused). Many smaller properties also use air conditioning as a major source of heating in the winter too.

The System’s versatility means it can be tailored to suit virtually every clients needs, we have found the system to be extremely effective in a variety of areas found below.

Holiday & Short Term Rentals

Allowance System – Set your guests a reasonable allowance for the duration of their stay.  Ideal for owners who do not want to charge guests for the electricity, but want to ensure they do not run up a high bill.

Pre-payment – Charge guests for their usage via a pre-payment system to cover your costs.

Air conditioning monitoring – Make guests more aware of their air conditioning usage, the system acts as an effective deterrent to leaving doors and windows open, and units running for long periods.

Long Term Rentals

Pre-Payment – Guests can purchase their electricity usage on a monthly basis, meaning no need to change the bill payers’ name. 

Whole house monitoring – Guests and owners can keep track of electricity costs, and know what the bill will be before it arrives!

Air conditioning monitoring – Protect air conditioning units all year round by making guests more aware.

Family & Friends

Allowance System – Owners can provide guests with a reasonable allowance for the duration of their stay.  Guests stay within the allowance meaning no unexpectedly high bills.

Air conditioning monitoring – Make family & friends more aware of the costs to run Air Conditioning.  Acts as an effective deterrent to leaving doors and windows open.

Whole house monitoring – Family & friends know how much they have used meaning no awkwardness when the electricity bill arrives.

Personal Use

Whole house monitoring – Monitor your own usage, know the cost of your electricity bill before it arrives

Air conditioning monitoring – Become more aware and reduce your own energy consumption

Fully override able – Become more eco-friendly with our fully override able System.

Monitor Other Circuits.

Monitor additional circuits such as hot tubs & spas

Monitor individual appliances

How it works

‘Easy To Use – No hassle for owners, property managers, landlords & guests’

We install the meter next to the fuse board, so it has access to the specified circuit – either whole house electricity supply or the just for the air conditioning circuit.

When a guest arrives at the property, they must purchase or are given a Credit Allowance Card.  This card contains a value of ‘credit’ corresponding to an amount of electricity usage.  The guest inserts this card into the system to start using the electricity and the LCD Display visually shows the guest how much they are using in real time.

Studies have shown that because guests can actually see what they are spending, they naturally spend less, the system even warns guests when their usage becomes excessive

What happens when the ‘Credit’ runs out?
Pre Payment:
 the guest simply purchases another card from the property manager, similar to a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system.

Allowance System: if a guest goes over their designated allowance they must then purchase a card from the Property Manager or ask for emergency credit.  99% of the time, guests stay within the budget, but if they do go over you as the owner are protected from them running up a high bill.

Why choose this system?

  • Versatile – systems to suit every clients needs
  • Cost Effective – One meter can monitor your entire house or air conditioning supply
  • Displays real time usage
  • Any value can be placed on the cards
  • Intelligent warning system signals to advise guests/tenants their balance is low
  • Completely Override able – Master Card / override card for property owners
  • Overdraft feature allows tenants to go into negative credit. A limit can be set to your requirements.


Installation is simple and should take less than 1 hour to complete. Call Teresa now on 619 483 778 and start saving €€€€€€€€€€€€€€!